Octagon Blind Kit - Assembly & Overview Videos

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How is it Made & What to Expect

Video shows plenty of room to draw your bow.
NOTE - 2017 and beyond model does not have camouflage print.

Octagon Blind Kit - Door Frame Assembly

Octagon Blind Kit - Wall Assembly

Octagon Blind Kit - Roof Assembly

Octagon Blind Kit - Window Assembly

Octagon Blind Kit - How to Anchor to Ground or Your Platform






GhostBlind Octagon Box Blind DIY Kit Videos

Customize your own box blind – 6’ Octagon Blind Kit: 

NOTE - 2017 Octagon model does not have camouflage printed on it.

Be sure to watch the Octagon 360 Product Demo

  • GhostBlind Octagon Hunting Box Blind DIY Kit is constructed with corrugated plastic panels
  • 8 Sided octagon design adds strength and rigidity
  • Blind consist of 4 Wall Panels and 4 Roof Panels
  • Easy assembly with included nylon zip ties
  • Lightweight for easy transport– only 50 lbs out of the box
  • You decide where and how many windows you want
  • Sliding windows are sold separately
  • Easily stake down to the ground, or attach to your elevated platform
  • Leave up year around or take down at the end of the season

The GhostBlind Octagon Hunting Box Blind DIY Kit has a 2 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defect
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Panel Construction: The corrugated plastic panels are extruded from chemical resistant and waterproof polypropylene, making them an ideal choice for numerous outdoor, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Sturdy corrugated thermoplastic polymer
  • Excellent durability in outdoor applications
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Works great at low temperatures
  • Extruded with two outside liners separated by small I-beam
    for strength, rigidity and insulation.
  • Rugged, lightweight, abrasion resistant, and high strength.

GhostBlind Industries is proud of the fact that our blinds are Made In America, with American parts and American workers. With The GhostBlind - "Not Seeing Is BelievingTM"