Additional GhostBlind Deer Hunting Videos

More GhostBlind Deer Hunting VideosMore GhostBlind Deer Hunting Videos - Traditionally, hunters have used many concealment methods to hide themselves from wildlife while hunting.  Customary methods include Tree Stands, Fabric Ground Blinds, Box Blinds, Elevated Box Blinds and Natural Blinds.  Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. Additional GhostBlind Deer Hunting Videos - The GhostBlind Predator is our most popular blind for deer hunting and has been designed to be an extra bullet in your hunting approach. Tree Stands and Conventional Ground Binds most definitely have their advantages and should be used when appropriate. The GhostBlind® is to be used when the above are not reasonable for the hunting circumstances. Many factors have been taken into consideration when designing GhostBlind® including, portability, instantaneous setup and hunting, invisibility, comfort and safety. The GhostBlind® Predator is a  (4 panel blind) with shoot through ports which allow the hunter to shoot from a seated position. Additional GhostBlind Deer Hunting Videos - GhostBlind®  is a superior blind when compared to other traditional blinds on the market. While each type of blind, (Tree Stand, Fabric Ground Blind, Elevated Box Blind and Natural Blind) have their unique advantages and disadvantages, GhostBlind® has all of the advantages while eliminating practically all of the disadvantages associated with Portability, Instantaneous Setup and Hunting, complete concealment and safety.

  • Unlike all other types of hunting blinds, GhostBlind® is easy to relocate due to being busted or wind shift.
  • Folds up for easy carrying
  • The Predator is 12 lbs
  • Less than 2 minutes to set up or tear down
  • Also included are strings and tent stakes to tie down if needed.
  • Unlike other Ground Blinds, GhostBlind® is perfect for public lands.