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Ghostblind About Us - GhostBlind Industries is proud of the fact that our blinds are Made In America, with American workers.

The GhostBlind®  -  "Not Seeing Is BelievingTM" 

GhostBlind About Us - Traditionally, hunters have used many concealment methods to hide themselves from wildlife while hunting.  Customary methods include Tree Stands, Fabric Ground Blinds, Box Blinds, Elevated Box Blinds and Natural Blinds.  Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. The GhostBlind® has been designed to be an extra bullet in your hunting approach. Tree Stands and Conventional Ground Binds most definitely have their advantages and should be used when appropriate. The GhostBlind® is to be used when the above are not reasonable for the hunting circumstances. Many factors have been taken into consideration when designing GhostBlind® including, portability, instantaneous setup and hunting, invisibility, comfort and safety. The GhostBlind® Predator is a  (4 panel blind) with shoot through ports which allow the hunter to shoot from a seated position. Disadvantages to traditional hunting blinds: Tree Stand:

  • Heavy, cumbersome and difficult to carry into and out of the woods.
  • Noisy and time consuming to set up and tear down scaring away game.
  • Availability of proper sized tree may not be found in desired hunting location
  • Can be very dangerous. There are many reports of death and disability annually due to falls from traditional tree stands.
  • Hunter must be physically fit enough to carry heavy blind into woods and install in tree. Hunter must climb tree or use tree climber type stand each time they go up or down tree.
  • Very difficult for seniors or plus size hunters to use tree stands.
  • Weight limitations for plus size hunters.
  • Tree stands allow for very little concealment of the hunter.  Any movement or noise could spook wildlife.
  • Hunter is generally exposed to more wind chill in tree stand versus ground blind.
  • Impracticable for use of portable heater.
  • Very uncomfortable for hunter due to lack movement caused by small platform.
  • Restricts hunter's movements due to lack of concealment from the vision of wildlife.
  • Calling game and rattling are restricted due to lack of concealment.
  • Impractical for re-location to another tree if hunter is busted or the wind shifts.

Fabric Ground Blinds:

  • Can't set up and hunt instantly -- must be left in an area for a period of time so wildlife gets used to the unnatural shape of the blind.
  • Must be brushed in with branches and leaves to conceal unnatural shape to be most effective to deceive wildlife.
  • Not adaptable for quick re-location if hunter is busted or wind shifts.
  • Some fabric ground blinds restrict 360 degree shooting.
  • Limited use on public lands due to inability to leave blind for extended time to allow wildlife to become accustomed to unnatural shape.
  • Limited use on public lands due to possible land use restrictions regarding cutting brush.

Elevated Box Blinds:

  • Not easily portable due to being very heavy
  • Expensive when compared to all other types of blinds or tree stands
  • Must be left in an area for an extended time period to allow wildlife to adapt to an unnatural structure.
  • Practically impossible to re-locate due to being busted or wind shifts.
  • Can't setup and hunt instantly
  • Impractical for public land use.

Natural Blinds:

  • Time consuming to build -- must use brush, logs, leaves an other natural elements
  • Not portable -- impossible to move due to being busted or wind shifts
  • Exposed to wind chill
  • May not be practicable for public lands

GhostBlind About Us - Differences:  Portable:

  • Unlike all other types of hunting blinds, GhostBlind® is easy to relocate due to being busted or wind shift.
  • Folds up for easy carrying
  • The Predator is 12 lbs
  • Less than 2 minutes to set up or tear down
  • Also included are strings and tent stakes to tie down if needed.
  • Unlike other Ground Blinds, GhostBlind® is perfect for public lands.

Instant Hunting:

  • Unlike all other types of hunting blinds, GhostBlind® sets up in less than 2 minutes and ready for immediate hunting
  • Design automatically sets up reflective panels at proper angle to reflect immediate surrounding environment. No need for guess work.
  • Unlike other Ground Blinds, there is no need to leave GhostBlind® stand for a period of time to allow wildlife to get use to an unnatural structure. GhostBlind® is completely invisible to wildlife.
  • Unlike other Ground Blinds, there is no need to brush in.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, sets up quietly thereby not spooking game.

GhostBlind About Us - Invisibility to Game:

  • Unlike Fabric Ground Blinds and Elevated Box Blinds of a variety of camouflage colors and designs, GhostBlind®  reflects any landscape environment; fields, grassy areas, snow and more.
  • Reflective panels are angled or tilted forward to reflect any surrounding landscape environment 3'- 5' around the blind.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, GhostBlind® makes hunter completely invisible to wildlife regardless of any movement by hunter.
  • Unlike Fabric Ground Blinds and Elevated Box Blinds, GhostBlind® is completely invisible to wildlife instantly with no need for brushing in.
  • Observation holes located in each reflective panel makes viewing wildlife in close proximity easy while keeping hunter invisible.
  • Designed for zero reflections of undesired angles, corners, horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Perimeter is designed to eliminate any unnatural lines for better deception. There are no unnatural horizontal lines.


  • Unlike Tree Stands, hunter can comfortably move around due to invisibility to wildlife.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, hunter can sit in comfortable folding chair with arms rest if desired.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, GhostBlind® substantially reduces wind chill.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, hunter can use portable heater.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, GhostBlind® helps retain body heat and heat from portable heater due to wrap around design.


  • The GhostBlind® Predator is 46" high and measures 102" across the top of panels.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, any movement by the hunter is completely concealed from wildlife by the GhostBlind®.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, hunter can sit comfortably in chair, read magazine, eat or do any other activity desired while being completely concealed. Obviously, hunter must be quiet as possible but his noise will be somewhat muffled or blocked by the GhostBlind®.
  • Back panels of the GhostBlind® are covered with GhostBlind Camo Pattern.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, GhostBlind's 100% concealment makes game calling and rattling much more effective and hidden from wildlife.
  • Unlike Tree Stands, the sounds made from game calling will be deflected by the GhostBlind® thereby making it difficult for wildlife to detect exactly where sound came from keeping hunter from being busted.


  • Unlike Tree Stands, GhostBlind® allows hunter to stay on the ground thereby eliminating the risk of falling from a tree.
  • Ideal for seniors and plus size hunters.

GhostBlind About Us Summary:  GhostBlind®  is a superior blind when compared to other traditional blinds on the market. While each type of blind, (Tree Stand, Fabric Ground Blind, Elevated Box Blind and Natural Blind) have their unique advantages and disadvantages, GhostBlind® has all of the advantages while eliminating practically all of the disadvantages associated with Portability, Instantaneous Setup and Hunting, complete concealment and safety.



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